Photography is Incomplete Without Good Retouching

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Photography is Incomplete Without Good Retouching

I firmly believe that in today’s world photography is incomplete without good retouching. Our industry has changed so much over the last few decades that ignoring retouching is equivalent to believing that learning the intricacies of composition is unnecessary. Am I wrong? I want this article to promote conversation. We live in a world where we’re allowed to have our own opinions and I’d love to hear yours in the comments at the end.

Photography Industry Has Changed, Or Has It?
In years gone past, before digital cameras and Photoshop, when photographers didn’t make significant adjustments to their photos, photography was pure. It was better. People knew what they were seeing was real and as a result photography was better.

No, that’s not the case at all. Firstly, back in the day there was something called the darkroom. In that magical place images went through pretty significant changes. Today we have Photoshop and other photo-editing programs which allow us to make adjustments in a far quicker and easier way. Secondly, one thing that has not changed is that photographers are artists who want to use photography to bring their vision to life. I bet if any of the legendary photographers of years gone past had tools like Photoshop, they would not have hesitated to use it if they thought it would improve their art.

If you ignore retouching you’re keeping yourself in the dark as the final images you can get with retouching is impossible to create otherwise. In exactly the same way that a photographer who previously ignored the darkroom would have struggled in the past, so too will you now

Why You Can’t Ignore Retouching?
Photography never ends once the shutter was pressed. As discussed above, legendary photographers of old would spend countless hours refining their images in the darkroom, so why is it then that today, many photographers view “heavy” retouching as a bad thing? It’s almost as though they think we’re tainting the purity of our photos by making major manipulations in Photoshop. Either that or they’re trying to justify their lack of knowledge in some tenuous manner designed to belittle those who are better than themselves. Similar to some of those who define themselves as “natural light photographers”, as a guise for being unable to use flash and unwilling to learn.

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Final Thoughts
Photography is an art and when did we start placing boundaries upon art? Do not close any door, allow yourself every possible advantage and make yourself a better photographer by using the full length of retouching. At the very least, recognize its importance and find skilled retouchers who can help you accomplish your vision. And if you want you can try our retouching service with a free sample just visit our website and submit an image for free sample.

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