Methods of Deep-Etching

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March 24, 2021
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Methods of Deep-Etching

Deep etch service or remove background is a background removal service. First, image editing selects products from the image using the clip path, removes the background, and saves the products using Photoshop only. In addition, image editing also provides a photo cropping service with the necessary resizing and replaces the original video background with a new one in order to move the content.

Photoshop uses three methods of deep etching, each with its own small tricks.

Method 1: Use the Eraser Tool to manually remove unwanted parts of a photo or image. The main problem with this is that it is not particularly accurate, and you are exposed to uneven edges and an image that looks like it. Is as if it has been touched. Like the maple sheet above, it has really wide edges that give it a lovely look – if I used this method, I would spend 6 hours zooming at 1 pixel maximum or missing a wide border.

Method 2: Using the Color Selection option in Photoshop to select and delete specific colors in photos, we hope you will leave the bits you want. The problem is that your standard photo has millions of different colored pixels, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re deleting too much or too little, and you also have to manually remove ghost pixels.

Method 3: Use the Photoshop Pen tool to deep etch the part of the image you want to use. Benefits of using this method:

During the process, you do not remove anything from the original image, which means that you can use it until you are happy with the result.

You control the tool very well, so you can customize and edit it to your heart’s content. The end result of deep etching looks professional.

It only took me an hour to etch the dark maple leaf from the background in the photo above. So, let’s get involved with using the Photoshop Pen tool. Some things to keep in mind:

For the first deep etching adventure, choose the high-contrast image between the section you want and the bits you want to remove. This gives you an accurate game advantage and makes it very easy to know where you are, even when zoomed in.

The pen tool creates a separate layer in a Photoshop document called a form layer. This is obscured by your image, which means that you are not managing the original.

The pen tool creates a path – a dynamic vector framework that allows you to edit it even while working. This makes the Pen Tool such a powerful deep etching.
Yes it is a really complicated job which takes hours and practice too. And we at URetouch Photos are always here to help you with the all kind of post production.

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